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Cause we know how frustrating it is to sit for long hours in boring corporate office cubicles, doing the same thing over and over again, and still going unnoticed, forget getting recognition!

Since we value individuality, creativity, originality and a lil bit of a lot of quirkiness, we promise we will value that… at times more than we value you!

If you don’t want to be a dead fish going with the flow, why won’t you drop us a mail? We will get back to you and see what you have got to show.

Open Positions

Web Developer

Full Time/ Intern      • Code Your Way to Digital Brilliance!

If you’re passionate about coding and design, this role is for you. As a Web Developer, you’ll create visually stunning and user friendly websites. You’ll work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies to ensure our clients’ online presence is functional and aesthetically appealing.

Digital Marketer

Full Time/ Intern      • Navigating the Digital Seas of Possibilities!
As a Digital Marketer, you’ll be responsible for developing and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Your role will include managing social media campaigns, analysing data, optimising ad spend, and crafting engaging content to reach target audiences effectively.

Graphic Designer

Full Time/ Intern      • Visual Storytelling, Creative Excellence!

Join our creative team to design captivating visuals for digital marketing campaigns. Your artistic skills will bring our clients’ brand stories to life through striking graphics and imagery.

SEO Specialist

Full Time/ Intern      • Navigate the Digital Realm with SEO Mastery!
As an SEO Specialist, you’ll be the driving force behind boosting our clients’ online visibility. You will conduct keyword research, optimise web content, and implement strategies to improve search engine rankings. Your analytical skills will help shape data driven SEO campaigns that lead to higher organic traffic and conversions.

Content Writer

Full Time/ Intern      • Wordsmiths, Unite! Tell Captivating Digital Stories!

Join our team of creative minds and give life to brand narratives. As a Content Writer, your words will resonate with our audience across various platforms. You’ll craft blog posts, social media content, and website copy that not only informs but also captivates, leaving a lasting impression on our clients’ target markets.

Project Manager

Full Time/ Intern      •Digital Projects, Your Canvas for Innovation!
As a Project Manager, you’ll be at the forefront of digital campaigns. Your role involves coordinating project timelines, managing budgets, and leading cross functional teams to ensure the seamless execution of marketing initiatives. Your organisational skills will be pivotal in bringing ideas to fruition. 

PPC Specialist (Pay-Per-Click)

Full Time/ Intern      •Precision in Digital Advertising!
As a PPC Specialist, you’ll craft and manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns to maximise client ROI. Your expertise in keyword targeting and ad optimization will ensure effective digital advertising strategies.


Full Time/ Intern      •Digital Harmony Through Precise Coordination!
We’re seeking a detail oriented Coordinator to ensure the smooth execution of various marketing activities. Your role will involve scheduling, resource allocation, and tracking project progress. Your coordination skills will be vital in delivering successful campaigns.

HR Specialist

Full Time/ Intern      •Crafting a Team of Digital Mavericks!
In this pivotal role, you’ll be responsible for talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee engagement. You will nurture a thriving workplace culture, oversee performance appraisals, and ensure our team members have the support and resources they need to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

BDE (Business Development Executive)

Full Time/ Intern      •Expanding Horizons, Creating Opportunities!

Join our team to drive business growth through client acquisition and relationship building. Your role will involve identifying prospects, presenting our services, and nurturing partnerships.


Full Time/ Intern      •Voice the Future of Digital Excellence!
Join our telecalling team and become the voice of our company. You’ll reach out to potential clients, explain our services, and build relationships. Your persuasive communication skills will contribute to our growth in the digital arena.


Full Time/ Intern      •Ensuring Digital Excellence, One Test at a Time!
Join our quality assurance team as a Tester. You’ll meticulously review websites, applications, and digital marketing materials to ensure they meet our high standards. Your attention to detail will guarantee that our clients receive topnotch digital solutions.
We warmly welcome freshers, experienced professionals, and interns! 
Whether you’re just starting your career journey, have years of experience, or seeking an internship, SellersBuzz is the place for you.
Interested in joining us!
Whether you’re just starting your career journey, have years of experience, or seeking an internship, SellersBuzz is the place for you.

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